English is the most widely spoken language across the globe. When we learn English we want to improve English speaking, English grammar, improve vocabulary, etc. However, we must know What is the importance of English? Why should we learn English?

We’ve got you covered on this by listing 5 reasons you should start learning English from today!

5 Reasons to Learn English

Improve English speaking and writing

1. English is Spoken Worldwide

Firstly, English has become a mode of communication overseas with around 1.35 billion people. Today, English is the official language in 57 countries. Meanwhile, English can also help us network with people of cultural diversities. Learning English is not just for communicating with native speakers. However, it has become an international language and if you are willing to communicate with anyone from the same country or any other country, it will most probably be in English. For our existence in the professional world, English has become a necessity.

Today, both English speaking skills and writing skills are important for all age groups. For instance, schools, colleges, speaking with your colleagues, office meetings, delivering a presentation, social gatherings and, what not! English has become a lifestyle.

Language can seem like an endless ocean and while learning English, there are numerous resources available and all you might require is a proper resource to follow. We would need a systematic guide to learn spoken English at home..

2. Learn English To Enhance Career

Secondly, English is the language of science, business, aviation, technology, diplomacy, and tourism. Learning English can increase your chances of getting a good job in an MNCs within your home country or abroad. Most of all, English will improve your networking skills and help in making better connections. Whether a job interview or an office meeting, a first impression is crucial, and learning English can boost your personality and career.

English speaking is useful in an office and other business environments. With communication skills in the workplace, we can gain confidence and build strong relationships with our colleagues and clients. If you learn English, the advancement it can bring into your career is impeccable. Whereas, English writing skills are also equally important especially while writing an email as it depicts professionalism. Writing an email can sometimes be challenging as we want to communicate the information precisely and effectively.

In the business world, learning professional English is important to sound polite and knowledgeable. There is certainly no age limit to learn English, with our proper guidance and your efforts you can easily learn English, and English Partner helps its students to achieve those goals. Whether you are working or studying, you want to learn English but the time might not permit! Taking an online class can be really hectic as the timings might not be suitable. And, lack of proper guidance can loose interest can from the language. To learn English step-by-step, you can plan a circular and refer trusted resources.

Importance of Learning English

3. Learn English For More Education Opportunities

Further, learning English gives better education and resources to increase your knowledge and skills. There are ample schools and universities across the globe offering excellent courses in English. A good level of academic English provides lots of opportunities abroad, your desired course, and school/college. All the sources available to boost your skills and knowledge are in English. In most of the intuitions, the mode of teaching is in English. English is not just a language, it is the mode of providing information. The resources we use today for any subject are published in English. Above all, mode of the examinations for most of the subjects is in English.

The world’s esteemed universities are established in the native English countries (United Kingdom, United States, and Australia). To earn a position at one of the distinguished universities, various exams are conducted to check the level of academic English. Exams like, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc. examine if a person can read, write, speak and listen in English. Also, there are many prestigious schools in non-English speaking countries that offer their programs in English.

There are various platforms to help you excel in English assessment like IELTS that examines your ability of LSRW in English. To clarify, LSRW is Listening, Speaking, Reading and, Writing in English. With the help of a professional trainer who focuses on developing the level of your academic English as a result, you can achieve excellent scores. IELTS exam is not as complicated as you think, you can easily achieve good scores, scoring a band of 7 or 8 is no rocket science. To know more about our IELTS course click here.

4. English is the Language of Media and Internet

Moreover, we can see English on all the platforms. The language of Internet and Media is English. If we try to search anything online the majority of results will be shown in English. Irrespective of the fact that there are all sorts of translations available. whether social media or surfing online the content are in English can can be difficult to understand if we don’t have good command on the language. Taking into account, the resources that someone can access are in this language. On the Internet, the highest percentage of content is in English. As well as this, some of the world’s largest tech companies are based in English speaking countries. Nowadays we have so many options, from video classes to personalized online tutoring and digital applications (Apps) that will help in improving our English.

Most of the content available online or offline, it is in English. From YouTube videos to podcasts to websites, there’s so much content out there in English. And that isn’t translated into other languages compared to this one. Many information may not be available otherwise. Today, importance of English is more than we think.

Even in the media we can witness the dominance of English. From Hollywood to Bollywood, Tollywood and other regional medias. In the news channels regional languages are preferred but there is an evident shift to English. Also, watching news and movies in English is a suggested practice to improve English. By watching news and movies in English, we can improve our listening skills. Through this, we can learn new phrases and understand how communication takes place, the English used in native lifestyle.

5. Learning English helps in Travel and Understanding Culture

In Addition, English helps us to communicate across the globe, this is one of the biggest advantage. Meanwhile, when we are travelling anywhere and communicating with anyone, English comes to the rescue. If you are in any country even if English is not the official language, English will still be an optional tool for communication. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn as compared to other languages. Once you master English, you will have develop better personality. These skills will also help you learning other languages.

When it comes to understanding different cultures, English can communicate the information. Knowledge of English will help you develop an understanding for films, music and literature from hundreds of countries around the globe. On the other hand, numerous books and cinemas are translated into English from across the world. Therefore, English unlocks the door to information and knowledge from the whole world. If you hear a song and keen to learn the lyrics, or sometimes disappointed with the dubbing of a TV show or film. You’ve wanted to read the classic works of the masterful English writers, from Jane Austen to J.K. Rowling to Stephen King, in their original language. All of the above, if you Learn English, you’ll be able to watch, listen to and read your TV shows, songs, books and movies in their original form.

Last but not the least, we can observe different habits and lifestyles. We can understand different cultures from all over the globe. The rich ancient and modern literature and popular traditions and cultures.

Is it worth to learn English?

As of now, you would be aware enough of the fact that you should start working on your English. Learning English can sometimes be challenging and get on your nerve. While speaking in English most of us have been the victim of inferiority complexion. For instance, the time when you had to speak with your supervisors, bosses or colleagues and felt embarrassed. Meanwhile, when you were at a social gathering: a party, meeting or a trip, you wanted to speak up but couldn’t because you were scared of making a mistake while speaking in English. But, don’t you think that this fear is meddling with your learning process?

Confidence is the soul of the learning process. Therefore, kick that inferiority out of your mind and start speaking in English. Don’t fear making mistakes or getting judged. Build confidence in yourself. Making mistake is a part of the process as, we learn from our mistakes. Once you start speaking in English, don’t bother if people around you are going to say something. Thus, even if you are learning English on your own, remember LSRW. Learn, Speak, Read and Write. If you follow LSRW everyday, you will improve your language. This will boost your career and education for sure but, your personal life as well.

That is to say, You can achieve any milestone with excellent communication skills. You can enhance your performance at work and in personal life. Now, you decide whether it is worth learning English?

In Conclusion, learning English is really important in all the aspects.

For all the age groups, English has become a necessity. Meanwhile, we all are aware of the motivation and consistency required to learn a new language. The list for the importance to learn English just goes on. But, you should not stop learning once you decide. You can enjoy the process of learning English with fun activities and assignments. If you need a mentor and want to take classes with flexible timings, English Partner provides an English Course through WhatsApp to learn English. You will be provided a personal trainer and at any time of the day or night you can take the classes and contact them. To sum up, You can learn English with ease.

English is an important part of our lives and know more about Why you should learn English!

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