Determiners in English grammar are the words that comes before nouns. Determiner specify quantity or clarify the reference of the noun moreover, they are one of the important parts of speech. Determiners in English grammar specify the quantity and also clarifies what this noun is referring to in that statement.

The 4 types of determiners grammar are possessive, quantifier and demonstrative and article determiners.

Meanwhile, Lets take a deep dive into each of these categories of determiners in English grammar.

Article Determiners In English Grammar

There are 3 articles, “a,” “an,” and “the.” These article comes before a noun to define whether it is specific or unspecific. For instance, I ate an apple or I visited the Taj Mahal. Here, apple is not specified, it can be any apple. But, Taj mahal is particularly mentioned because its unique and specified. Therefore, these articles are further divided into 2 categories:

The Definite Article – The

Firstly, in definite article in article determiners specifies the noun. Thus, the nouns in definite articles are unique and is recognized by the speaker. We use ‘the’ before the noun to represent its uniqueness. Meanwhile, lets look at some examples for better understanding.

In the above examples, the nouns Taj Mahal, Museum and Amusement park are unique. Here, all these nouns are specified in the sentences and are defined. Therefore, we are using definite article.

The Indefinite Article – A, An

Secondly, the indefinite articles in article determiners are “A” and “an”. These article determiners are used before unspecified nouns. The speaker may not be aware and the noun might not be mentioned earlier to the speaker. We can understand this better with the examples given below.

In the above examples, school, museum and amusement park are not unique or specified. The speaker is not talking about any specific school, museum or amusement park. Here, all these nouns are non-specified in the sentences. Therefore, we are using definite article indefinite articles.

Examples of Articles Determiners

These examples consist of both definite articles and indefinite articles. The nouns like chef, bank, ice-cream in the respective sentences are unspecified by the speaker. Hence, the indefinite articles A/An are used. Likewise, the nouns like head chef, ABC restaurant, writer in the respective sentences are very well defined and known by the speaker therefore, the definite article The is used. To sum up, the usage of article depends on the defined or undefined nouns in the sentences.

Demonstrative Determiners In English Grammar

Demonstrative determiners in English grammar defines the relation of the speaker with respect to noun or pronoun. These determiners include words like thisthatthese, and those. In traditional grammar, they are also known as demonstrative adjectives. Meanwhile, using a demonstrative determiner before a noun depicts the relation of the noun with the speaker.

In demonstrative determiners, This and These describe close or nearby things for instance, distance, psychological distance or time. Whereas, That and Those describe distant things. For more clarity, lets look at some examples below.

Examples of Demonstrative Determiners

Possessive Determiners In English Grammar

The possessive determiners in English grammar defines who or what is owned by the noun or pronoun. Meanwhile, the words like his, her, its, their, whose, your, our and my  represents the nouns and pronouns. In traditional grammar, these possessive determiners are known as possessive adjectives. However, lets glance at the examples given below. In the table given below representing possessive determiner with examples.

Examples of Possessive Determiners

Possessive DeterminerExamples
myI want my books back.
Where is my car?
yourWhere is your house?
I borrowed your car.
hisDo you know his mother?
Where is his office?
herShe dances so well, I love her performance yesterday.
Did you know about her dog?
itsThis fish is too small for its aquarium.
The bird built its nest
ourWhere is our food?
This is our science project.
theirGoing to a museum was their idea.
This is not just a regular house, its their villa
whoseWhat’s written on this piece of paper? Whose phone number is this?
Whose calling you? is it Rishi?

In the same vein, these examples helps in understanding possessive determiners better. The speaker uses possessive determiners with respect to nouns or pronouns depicting the ownership of it. As we can witness, the possessive determiners my, your, their, whose, its, her and his are all describing ownership in the above sentences.

Quantifier Determiners In English Grammar

Lastly, quantifier determiners in English grammar refers to an amount, a quantity. Hence, words like anyallmanymuchseveral and some are the commonly used quantifier determiner. The numerical are also used representing the quantity of the nouns. Also, these are known as indefinite adjectives. But, quantifiers are not always specific. There can also be undefined or unspecified amount/quantity.

Examples of Quantifiers

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Examples for Determiners in English grammar

In conclusion, the determiners are really important in English grammar. Above all, four determiners play a vital role in English grammar this, making determiners as one of the parts of speech. There are different ways to learn English grammar. Moreover, one of the best way to learn English is also through games. How playing games can help you to learn English grammar. Similarly, you can also learn all the determiners in English grammar and also learn by choosing specific topic like article determiner, demonstrative determiner, possessive determiner and quantifier determiners. You can also learn about particular topics of English grammar and other parts of speech.

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