Has someone ever asked you to repeat yourself because they couldn’t understand you? This means that they couldn’t understand you properly. It is also important to be able to speak as naturally as possible. This will help people to understand you in an easy way. The whole new world will open to you when your pronunciation improves; here are few tips to improve your pronunciation.

Listen To Yourself

To begin with, try to correct yourself; it’s always difficult to find your pronunciation errors while speaking because you often concentrate on your speech rather than your pronunciation. The best method is to record your own speech and later listen to them and correct yourself.

Don’t Speak Too Fast

As a beginner always try to speak slowly, this actually allows you to think before you talk. Many people think if they speak fast, they are maintaining an accent, but that’s not true. Speaking slowly allows you to concentrate on what you’re talking about.

Improve Your Pronunciation With ‘’Tongue Twisters’’

Tongue Twisters play a vital role in English pronunciation; these are jumbled groups of words that are difficult to articulate rapidly and correctly. As a result, many people get confused with certain English sounds. If you keep practicing tongue twisters, it will help you to enhance your pronunciation in English. For instance, try this Tongue Twister,
 “She Sells Seashells on the Sea-Shore’’

Watch Audios And Videos

Another excellent method to master your pronunciation is that listen to audio and videos. There are ‘n’ numbers of Podcasts, Ted-Talks, Audios, and Videos available on YouTube, making use of them is a smart idea.

Practice with Your Friend

We all know ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ practicing with your friend either in person or over the phone makes a huge difference in the way you converse. There is always a comfort zone when you learn with your friends, where you can speak without any hesitation or nervousness as much as you can.
Now you might have a question in your mind! If u don’t have a better companion to converse within English, you can always count on “English Partner”, where we give guidance to our students in a friendly manner and support them to master the English Language.

Use Break and Grab Method

If you face any difficulty in pronouncing a word, you can obviously break the word into syllables which helps your pronunciation easier. Once you break the words, put all syllables together and try pronouncing it and repeat it until you get the right pronunciation.

Choose The Right Accent

Another part of improving your pronunciation is choosing an accent. There are different accents around the world. You have to choose one particular accent and start pronouncing words based on it.

Listen To The Best Online English Dictionaries

English is quite different from other languages, in order to improve your pronunciation use dictionaries especially online dictionaries such as Oxford, Cambridge, Miriam Webster etc., these dictionaries are an excellent guide to improve your pronunciation skills. You can listen to recorded pronunciation in any kind of accent you want.

Write Down What You Listen To And Record Yourself

Try to recognize spelling patterns of the words in English, not all words are pronounced in the same way ‘’tion‘’ must be pronounced as be ‘’shun’’, while “sion’’ is pronounced as “zhun”. Hence, it’s better to note down and remember their difference. Once you get familiar with its pronunciation, record and self-evaluate on your own.

Many English learners feel overloaded when they start learning the language, one of the biggest challenges for beginners would be pronunciation. Though it is a slow process the results are evident and effective through practice.

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