How to learn spoken English at home?

Are you still perplexed about, how to learn spoken English at home? If so, then you will find your answer here. Learning a language, especially English allows you to communicate and connect with people around the world. Being the language of aviation, science, research, tourism, and computers, etc., English increases the chances of job opportunities worldwide.

However, most of the learners face problems such as work, personal and social commitments, and many others. The other demon they ought to face is “TIME”. Time constraints and other significant issues will create a lack of interest in one’s English learning process. On considering the above, the best choice to learn spoken English is at home.

The main advantage of self-studying English at home is that it gives more comfort, increases your confidence level and you will have full control, over your English learning process. You don’t have to compete, compromise or consider the needs of other learners. You can follow your own methods and strategy to learn spoken English. To improve your English-speaking skills in a short span, start to practice on a daily basis. Try to surround yourself with English to have more contact with the language.

Why learning English at home is the best choice?

Now, you can see that learning English at home is effective and builds your confidence without any hindrance. It always gives you the chance, to choose your own learning methods which are relevant to you. To master your English fluency, try to follow these simple tips and create your own study zone at home.

10 simple methods to learn spoken English at home

Have a good understanding of your English skills. Analyze your area of strength and weaknesses, to identify your level as an English learner. Here are a few steps to follow, to improve your English-speaking skills effectively at home.

Try to read out loud

Reading is an essential skill to improve English fluency. Also, it develops your comprehension skills on the subject you read. This helps you to get introduced to new vocabularies on regular basis. This question about reading always lingers on your mind, ‘What books to read to develop English fluency?’ The ultimate answer is, if you are a beginner, never go for novels that contain heavy jargons, advanced vocabularies, and puns. Certainly, novels might bombard your mind in the first place. To begin with, you can always opt for children’s books, short stories, etc. Articles in newspapers and magazines are quite easy to understand. Reading as your daily routine motivates & boosts your confidence.

Write your own diary

It’s very simple! The more you write the more you will learn. Now a question might cross your mind, ‘What do I write?’.
The answer is quite straight… write about your daily routine, the book you read, the people you met during your day, your feelings, emotions, and whatnot. After all, it’s your own story and your personal journal.

Diary writing helps you to improve your English writing skills, and you will learn more vocabulary. Certainly, you will get rid of those spelling errors which you often make. Your English grammar skills will improve a lot and later, drafting a mail or official letter, is a piece of cake. Though your improvement in English seems late, you will definitely notice a drastic change in your writing skills. Altogether, diary writing helps to connect with your inner-self and also develops your English communication skills. However, make sure to write something which holds true value in your personal journal.

Maintain a Vocabulary Journal

Though it looks quite tedious, it’s completely the opposite. Building a vocabulary journal is one of the easy and effective methods to build your vocabulary skills. Make a habit of learning a minimum of 5 words per day and try to pen it in your vocabulary journal. Whenever you come across an interesting word which you’ve never seen or heard of, try to record it in your journal. There is always a “but” if you know… it’s not just about recording the words but using them while you converse, which creates a great impact. So, it’s time to build your vocabulary journal right away.

Music and lyrics

Are you a music person? If yes, then this method is the best one to help you with English fluency. The best option to choose among the lot is English Karaoke songs. Sing along with the music, using lyrics. On the one hand, it helps you to improve your communication skills, on the other hand, it soothes your mind. Certainly, you have the freedom to choose your own style and accent, however, try to stick to a particular one. In other words, it helps to build your listening skills to a great extent.

Movies and Subtitles

Movies are a lot more fun than textbooks. Watching movies is very useful to enhance an individual’s communication skills. Nothing is equal to or better than listening to real native English speakers. Through British and American films, you can listen to the natural accent of the actors. This will create a good foundation for your English fluency to sound more like a native.

At times, English words are hard to pronounce or you often end up mispronouncing them. In that case, movies are our savior! It helps you to improve your pronunciation skills and accent. Mostly, the chances of forgetting the word are less, when we learn spoken English through movies. Story plotlines and incidents will always help us to remember the English words, accent, and pronunciation better. Oh wait! Don’t forget to turn on your subtitles while watching movies. Most importantly, avoid watching movies with other language subtitles.

Here are 10 best-recommended movies for a beginner to learn spoken English at home easily:
1. Harry Potter
2. The King’s Speech
3. Jurassic Park
4. The Queen
5. Titanic
6. The Hangover
7. Home Alone
8. Finding Nemo
9. Monster, Inc.
10. Frozen

Go online

Are you still contradicting the online “self-studying” English method? Coronavirus outbreak has brought many negative things, but also positives like “free time”. Moreover, this gave us the opportunity to develop our skills by staying at home. On that note, learning English is inevitable. Through many social media platforms like – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others have given the space to develop your communication skills.

At home, in your pajamas scroll your phone, to find more informative English self-learning videos on YouTube. On the one hand, listening to podcasts, Ted Talks, and other Native English speakers are available for you to learn spoken English. On the other hand, apps like Instagram, Facebook have many pages which provide self-studying useful English information. There are few Instagram pages that contain good English learning materials, some of them are:
1. BBC Learning English –
2. English Partner –

Chat with your friends

There is no better way to learn English than chatting with your friends. In saying that, voice or video call chats with friends while learning English is more fun. There are a few useful video and voice chat apps such as Skype and Cambly. You can install the application on your device and sign up for it. What are you waiting for? Start a voice or video call with your friends right away. In short, with good practice, you both can master your English speaking skills at home.

Take up online quiz

Initially, you must take a blind online English quiz without any preparation to identify your level. Online English quizzes are interesting and fun to attend. It creates more curiosity in you, and your curiosity allows you to learn from your mistakes. Gradually, you will get well versed with English grammar lessons, and eventually, it will help you to improve your writing and analytical skills. There are a lot of free English grammar quiz websites online, which serve you the best.

Find your online English tutor

Learn spoken English through online class

Sometimes, it’s better to have an English tutor for your guidance, while learning English online. Certainly, an English tutor can measure and analyze your LSRW skills in English. Materials provided by them will help you to learn English in an easy and personalized way. You will learn spoken English quickly since you’ve got an online spoken English trainer to guide you by all means. They also help you to correct your mistakes and give you the proper guidance which you need. Though there are many online Spoken English platform available on the internet, analyzing and choosing what’s best for you is very crucial. So. choose the best one wisely.

Practice to perfect your communication skills

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put into practice.” – Anton Chekhov

Take small baby steps, especially when you are learning English at Home. Most importantly, try to follow the above methods which are suitable for your learning process. Most importantly, you must always have a positive attitude towards learning. Only a positive mind will help you to learn and practice English at home at a quick pace.

To conclude, learning English at home is fun, and make sure you enjoy and learn English. With more practice, dedication, and entertainment one can speak English fluently. Last but not least, it’s good to make mistakes while learning English. You can learn and master your English-speaking skills and fluency in a better way at home.

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