Do you want to get better at English? Are you still perplexed about where to begin? This blog will help you to reach your goal. Learning a foreign language can be challenging for beginners, however, it’s not impossible to learn. Before stepping into the process of learning a new language, you need to know when and where to start. How to learn English as a beginner depends on the motive behind your learning. You may have different reasons to improve your English. For a good job, to travel around the world, to teach your kids and many others. To begin with, self-evaluate yourself and see where you stand in your level of English. After knowing your level, start finding sources as per your level of understanding. Also, think about your learning goals and how much time you can spend every day.

To be fluent in English may seem like an unceasing task. Nonetheless, like any journey, the most crucial part is often taking the first step. In  this blog we’ll look over all the steps you must know to proceed with learning English.

Why should I learn English?

Learning English has many advantages. It helps to view things from a different perspective and provides a deeper understanding of the culture of other countries. Since English is the most widely spoken language worldwide, it opens up great opportunities for people to participate in the international job market.

Learning; English is the right choice if you wish to work abroad. English makes your travel a lot easier because, in many countries, essential information like street signs, trains, and airplanes; announcements are in English. This makes travel much easier, even if you don’t know the language of the particular country which you’re traveling to. Certainly, English can make you understand the information much better.

Refine your spoken English

Despite; your level of English, “Determination” plays a pivotal role in the process of learning it. Carrying a smile on your face while speaking in English gives you more confidence. “Practice makes perfect” haven’t you heard of it? There are tons of ways to learn the English language. Not everything will work for you, but then if you add some of these ideas to your English study list, you can certainly see improvements.

Steps to learn English

Improve English with group discussion in class

Joining an English class helps you to concentrate on many formal aspects of speaking in English. The grammar that you learn inside the class includes the proper construction of sentences, word arrangement, verb conjugation, etc. A question might cross your mind now, “Is grammar essential to speak perfect English?” The answer is partial NO. Grammar is one of the tools to speak fluent English but, definitely not the only tool.

It is important to practice English wherever possible. Involving yourself in a group discussion is a relaxed way of learning English, where the focus is more on communication than on English grammar rules. This setting will help you to become confident while speaking in English among other people.

Practice English a day & keep broken English away!

The best way to start learning English is to speak in English every day. It paves the way to initiate a conversation with other people. Usually, this is one of the hardest challenges faced by beginners. If you can’t make conversations with natives, find other alternatives to practice the language. While learning any language, readiness and consistency play an important role. If you still struggle to speak perfect English, follow the ideas mentioned below:

Practicing this routinely will make sure that the language stays in your mind. In addition to this, try talking to yourself during your leisure time or while you are cooking. Even you can record yourself to analyze your level. It will be a great way to practice your English-speaking skills.

Practice and improve pronunciation

Certainly, there are a lot of words, phrases, and sounds in English that is hard to pronounce, particularly if you are not a native speaker. Does this alone make your English pronunciation difficult? think upon it. Though you learn a lot of English words and phrases, when you start using it you’ll feel your tongue-tied.

Even; if you have a sustainable hold on the English language with significant vocabulary and good grammar, at times, you may find it difficult to get the right pronunciation. Right pronunciation is an essential part of learning any language. Copy the natives, listen closely to their pronunciation, and replicate it. Many English beginners have this misconception that speaking fluent English means speaking fast. It is wrong, good fluency comes with the right pronunciation. Below are some useful tips for improving pronunciation.

Improve English vocabulary to sound smart

Vocabulary! not so easy right? Well, it’s not complicated as it sounds. The most important thing you have to do to improve your English vocabulary is “Read, Read, Read a lot”. What do you have to read now? Anything and Everything, more specifically read what you’re interested in. For instance, if you like a movie, read a movie article or a novel based on that movie.

Learn Vocabulary

In addition, to speak English fluently you need to know some strategies. It’s time to stop memorizing your vocabulary. Carry a notebook and pen with you and pen down the new words. For example, take the word “Marvelous” Don’t just write “The building looks marvelous”. Instead, try to elaborate your sentence, “The building looks marvelous with amazing architecture and a wonderful garden”.

Practice the word you’re learning every day. Do not limit yourself to one new word per day. As you learn a new word, ensure you learn all forms of the same word. In addition, if you get introduced to a new word, write it down. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know its spelling, simply put it down phonetically. You can slowly reach your goal if you fix your target to learn at least 5 – 10 new words per day. Start learning new vocabulary from things around you because learning the basics will make you more comfortable with the language.

Improve your English grammar

Knowing grammar is the most important part of any language. To master your English grammar, you need to follow four main steps. Firstly, do not memorize the grammar rules, which is not the right choice to improve your grammar. Look how the natives use grammar, begin with the small texts written by them. While you start reading, don’t just read the book just for the sake of reading rather, start highlighting the grammar part. For instance, if you see articles, prepositions, and any tenses used in the book, highlight it. Write down all the grammar points that you’ve highlighted in a notebook. Ask yourself a question: “Why is this particular article used here?”. Using this method can enable your mind to think faster.

Another crucial point is writing in English allows you to improve your errors, which eventually helps you to identify your areas of improvement. Start writing a diary, make it a habit to use various grammar structures within it. In addition to that, start paraphrasing whatever you read and use  the grammar rules that you’ve learned. Finally, proofread the text you’ve written, read it  aloud,  and pay attention to your grammar. This pattern will help you to train your brain to self-correct your mistakes.

Enhance your writing, reading, and listening skills

Improve English with Podcasts

You can learn a language not only by visualizing it but also through listening. Podcasts become one of those things that are in one ear for a moment and out the other. The major problem is remembering the keywords and vocabulary. You have to listen to the podcast multiple times if you want to talk about it effectively. Initially, choose the right podcast if you want to improve your English. Always choose the topic that you are interested in, just because someone recommends you a podcast doesn’t mean that you’ll love it. When you practice your English-speaking skills, it is equally important that you enjoy what you’re learning. 

The most important thing you should consider while listening to podcasts is the time. Selecting a podcast that is short or easy to break into smaller parts is the best choice. After selecting the podcast, listen to it regularly. If you find it too fast, focus on the keywords and get a rough idea of what the conversation is all about. Note down the words that are difficult to understand, later use a dictionary to know the actual meaning.

Improve English with movies

Watching movies is a great idea if you wish to learn English. It helps you to learn real English and not the old boring textbook English. Additionally, you can learn different pronunciations when you pay attention to the actor’s conversation. In order to learn new phrases and vocabulary, choosing an interesting movie according to your choice is important. Select a movie that matches your current level of English. Start with animated movies if you are a beginner, as it will help you to learn English fast.

Watch the movie with subtitles. It helps you to understand the context better. Having a dictionary while watching movies help you to find the meaning of words that you could not understand. Sometimes when you watch a movie, you’ll get impressed by some phrases used by the character. Start repeating those short phrases wherever you can, for instance, in your office, with your friends, etc. Do not worry if you miss any word or phrase while watching a movie because you can certainly watch it again. 

Keep a dairy and start reading books

Reading is an essential part of learning English. Certainly, you should also spend time improving your writing skills. At first, you should have a diary and a pen before reading a book, choose a book that has small chapters that are easy to understand. Begin reading the book slowly and loudly and take notes. Highlight the phrases and words that are new to you, and write them in your diary. After that, refer to your diary and start finding the meaning of the words. Finally, pick 3-4 words and start using them repeatedly in your daily conversation. You can start writing your own journal and improve your English writing skills.

To sum up, though learning English is not a piece of cake, it can be achieved by following these simple methods. While learning a new language it is important to stay positive and never give up on your goals. Practice everything that you’ve learned in a day. Never get upset if you commit mistakes, since it’s a part of your learning process. Instead, find the reason behind it and start rectifying it and improving your English. Boost your brain to think in English, It will help you to interact with your friends without any difficulty. Also, don’t feel hesitant to speak in English, but aim to give your best. Follow these easy ways to learn English and fly high

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