If you’re good at Grammar and you’re kind of stuck in the Intermediate Level for a really longtime, then this is the last thing you got to try to improve your English Speaking skills.

Thinking in English

       You might have heard this piece of advice from a lot of different people but still you’re perplexed on that single question- “How do I even think in English?” And that is why I’m here to help you.

Thousands of thoughts cross our minds throughout the day which are already in the combined form of languages which will be your mother tongue and English. So you’re already having 1-30% of your thoughts in English and now you just have to level up those numbers which can be done with consistency and practice.

Exposure is the key to become fluent in any language.

         If you’re surrounded by people who speak good English, then, what are you doing here? Go and initiate a conversation with them. But if you don’t have such people in your life, you better expose yourself to the language by choosing it in the form of entertainment- by reading or listening to a book and watching some movies in ENGLISH.

Three effective steps to Start Thinking in English:

1. Describe everything that’s happening around you

Let’s take this tiny little step of making sentences based on what is going on around us in our heads.

Here is an example,

Imagine that you’re going for a walk in the morning and you come across the following things:

And so on.. Do this activity daily and as many times as you can.

2. Be prepared for your Conversations

I tend to imagine the type of conversations I’m going to have with anyone. And I know that you all do too. But now, we are going to prepare the sentences prior to the conversation.

For example,

3. Recap your day in your head

This is my favorite part because you can just do it by lying in your bed and can easily become a part of your routine. You just have to think about how your day was spent. Here comes an example

Every single step Counts.

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