Do you want to know how to improve your English vocabulary? Firstly, vocabulary is an important aspect of speaking a language fluently. A proper sentence consists of correct grammar and appropriate words. It is not possible for a person to express his thoughts without the knowledge of proper words.

Without proper knowledge of words, one can’t express oneself. As a result, one finds it difficult to become fluent in English. The best part is that learning vocabulary is a fun process. One can learn new vocabulary and become fluent while having fun.


improve English Vocabulary

Firstly, the best way to improve your English vocabulary is by reading. Make a habit of reading regularly. One can start reading anything that they can grab. This is a single person activity and requires very little investment. One can read and pick up new words and incorporate the words in their lives.

Read popular literature

Read books that you find interesting. If one wishes, they can start from a comic book. They can even start reading children’s books as they are illustrative and provide graphical clues. If one is reading a popular book, then there is a high chance that they might find a translation of that book.

For instance, one can read books like,

  1. The Chicken Soup
  2. Alice’s adventure in wonderland
  3. Train to Pakistan.
  4. The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank
  5. The report card.

Likewise, if one wishes to read comic books then they can read books like,

  1. Calvin & Hobbes – This series gives you exposure to new vocabulary, that one may pick up and use in everyday conversations.
  2. Bone
  3. Archie – This comic teaches the reader slang and conversational English.
  4. Sketch Monsters – This comic series teaches the audience language about feelings and emotions.
  5. Garfield – It is perfect if one wishes to master conversatinal dialogue.

To find more comics click here.

Improve your English vocabulary

Read articles online

Further, one can even read new articles or other books online. As most of us have access to the internet, it makes it easier to access many study materials free of cost. There are many blogs, articles and other things that you can read in order to improve your vocabulary.


In addition, kids learn to speak by listening to words over and over again. As kids, we knew nothing about languages we heard people around us talk and we gradually over time started to incorporate those words in our lives.

That is to say that, one can improve their English vocabulary by attentively listening.

Improve your English by lsitening to music

Next, music is a fun way of learning. One can enjoy as well as learn by doing this fun activity. Most of us listen to music in our leisure time or to calm ourselves. One can listen to popular musicians from over the world. One needs to look up the lyrics of the song they are listening to. By doing so, one understands the lyrics of the song.

Attend Events

What if I tell you, that you can learn vocabulary while watching a match? Most of the football matches, cricket matches or any match for that instance includes commentary in English. When one is listening to commentary or listening to the news on the radio, one comes across a number of words. One can even listen to podcasts or ted talks.


In this internet era, it is very essential to write in order to learn a new language. We have to write everywhere in today’s world. For instance, if one wants to search for something on the internet then one must type it out. Or if one wants to mail for a new job or chat with a friend online. It is essential that one knows how to write. If one writes a new vocabulary in a sentence, it becomes easier for them to retain it and use it regularly.

Write a journal

Writing a journal improves your English skills. Journaling doesn’t only improve your writing skills but it also improves your English vocabulary. Every time you write in English, you use the rules that you have learnt along with the vocabulary that you have picked up. As a result, writing a journal has its benefits.

Look up for new words

If one wishes to improve their vocabulary, then one must look up synonyms for the words. One has to push and make efforts in order to learn and grow. Every time one comes across a word that sounds new to them. It is important, that at that very moment they look up the word and its synonyms and other uses.

Watch English Content

Moreover, watching TV, or any other video can increase one’s knowledge of everyday phrases, that non-native speakers usually find difficult to grasp. Research shows that non-native speakers quickly and efficiently improve their English vocabulary from movies and TV. When one watches a video he comes across different ways of expressing oneself, which is quite difficult to learn just with the theoretical aspect. To know more about how to learn English from movies, click here.

One can learn just by watching people converse in front of them. One can understand how the other person is using a word and with what expression the person says it. One learns about manners of speaking and other important things.

Play word games

Next, games can be the most entertaining and fun way to improve your English vocabulary. Games like, crosswords and scrabble function as fun and interesting ways to expand one’s vocabulary. It is important that one notes down the new word every time he comes across a new word. Keep a list of all the words that you learn while playing the game. Study your new vocabulary from time to time.

Use a dictonary

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