“The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it”

Jonathan Culver

To have another language is to possess a second soul, and English is considered a language of wisdom.

      Have you ever thought about why English is considered a universal language? Why is it so important? Always in demand!

I am going to give you a few examples why,

These are just a few points, Ohh… I heard you, Yep! Crystal clear!

Let’s dig in for a few tips to learn English fluently.

Some of them may sound weird but trust me it works.

We are all beginners here, so let’s consider this as a beginner’s guide to learn English for all the astonishing opportunities that await!

 You might be confused! I know, been there. So, let’s make it clear, Inorder to have a conversation in English you don’t need people around. You don’t even have to know it all. Just have the courage and confidence to do it. Confidence? Yes! That’s what we all need. It’s more comfortable trying out by yourself, Nobody to judge you. When you find yourself alone in your home or anywhere talk aloud about what you are doing, such as describing what you are gonna do. You can even record it and listen later and make corrections. The last one is an old trick but still an effective one, Use the mirror technique, it might sound strange, But by looking at yourself speak in the mirror, you will be able to see how your mouth moves and forms words, as well as your body language.

Yes, to speak, you need words. But always remember 3 words, that’s more than enough not more than that. Because it’s not about how many words you can learn, it’s about how many you remember and use at the end of the day. Do not forget to make sentences and use them in a conversation, that way you register them in your mind.

This is really important, whether you are alone, or with someone, spend time each day narrating your day aloud. By speaking out, it will help you to build up your conversational English skills. It’s easy. It’s amazing.

It’s a great way to learn properly. You will have a mentor and you will be given activities, tests, and whatnot.

          Use subtitles whenever possible. You can also use the subtitles to practice reading aloud. When you read aloud, you are speaking.

   Let it be news, radio or TV dialogues try to mimic them. By paying attention to the

        character’s tone and body language you will get a better understanding.

           Have friends/family members abroad take advantage of that! Speak to them. You may use Skype, FaceTime, etc. But, it will be much better if you could explain to them that you want to speak in English.

            Set up any virtual assistant tools you use such as Siri, Google, or Amazon to speak in English. This is a great way to improve pronunciation.

Some more — Easier?

Last but not the Least! Make use of your imagination.

     For eg; Imagine, you are receiving an award, give the audience (imaginary) a speech! Wow!

     Or else imagine you are a politician ( but please don’t speak like an actual one – maybe if you know someone good, then go on..!) Give out a speech!

        Hmmm (thinking)……

Not because I am out of ideas but there are so many and you might be hungry or I think you are motivated enough. So imagination is a technique which helps you explore! Use that. As Derek Walcott, once said  “ The English language is Nobody’s Special Property. It is the property of the imagination, It is the property of language itself. “

“ There is no other word in the English language more Life-Changing than Hello! “          -Patrick Stevens!

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