Do English learning games help? Games like Crosswords, English vocabulary games, English language games, Online word games, practicing English grammar, Quiz games, spelling games can improve English. We can prove to you that you can learn English with English language games. Also, we will suggest to you the best games and platforms to improve your English. Enjoy the learning process with us.

How English learning game can help?

A lot of importance is given to English. More than any other language, we will have to learn English at some point. Learning English can be challenging sometimes. Moreover, the traditional learning methods become lousy and boring which can make the learner lose interest. This learning process can be fun and interesting with English learning games. So, yes you can learn while playing games? You might be happy by now right!

There are different kinds of games for your learning process. There are common crossword games, vocabulary games, scrabble games, grammar games that will strengthen your vocabulary. Similarly, there are games based on grammar and chatting games as well. But, when it comes to learning a language, most people don’t think of video games especially to improve your speaking skills. With video games, you can talk to real people from different cultures across the globe. Literally, you can talk to anyone from any part of the world. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

With the help of English Language games, we can learn English. We can improve English and master the language with fun. Whether you want to learn grammar or new words, games can boost up your learning speed. Games and video games enhance the conventional learning methods and make them fun and exciting. Perhaps, we cannot depend on this completely. The fundamentals of English need to be strong. With games alone, we can not learn English. Once you know the basics, you are good to go with the games. Playing games can help in many ways and the four main reasons are,

1. You can learn new things faster

Firstly, while playing games you come across different tactics to learn a language. English learning game allows you to learn new things in unique ways. You might be happy to know the fact that playing video games can actually improve your memory and learn new concepts faster. Doing so also improves your ability of multitasking and increases your productivity level.

Meanwhile, You will be able to learn new concepts and words at a faster pace as compared to the traditional teaching style. Learning new things will be easier to register in mind and with continuous practice, you can master these new concepts easily. In a similar way, trainers of English Partner also focus on fun and unique teaching styles. Students enjoy the activities and, they are also provided a personal trainer to clarify their doubts at any time of the day. While playing games, learners develop interest and start to enjoy English or any other language.

2. They are fun and exciting

Secondly, games are so much fun and, there is no counterpart for discussion under this topic. Sometimes, in-class assignments, homework, tests, etc., can be really hectic, a deal of stress and anxiety in learners especially for those who are struggling to keep up. This could actually affect a student’s progress thus, causing a feeling of isolation from their peers. Games and video games are great mood boosters because they help in eliminating stress and increasing social engagement. Even the students have fun and enjoy the process of learning English or any other new language.

So, are video games really helpful? Video games in real life can also be effective but obviously, there are limitations to that. Irrespective of the downsides to video games, many studies have proven that games could enhance life quality in particular to those who are mentally disturbed or disabled. When it comes to beating stress and anxiety, games can be your mood buster. They help you lighten up mentally and forget about your existing tensions for a while. These games will give you a great learning experience. You can also connect with like-minded people on online video games. Hence, games can improve the quality of your life.
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3. They can motivate you

Further, there are many pieces of research that show the students learn faster and better once the objective of the lesson is clear to them. They will understand what are the lessons and how they are supposed to learn. When you play English learning games and when you are taking the game to the next level, you have the freedom to assess your own learning from different platforms. A person who is actively involved in playing games can develop a will of learning English as they are also curious about their next steps.

Playing games allows your mind to take a break and start fresh. While playing games, you can immerse yourself in it. With this, you will forget about the things that bother you and make you feel fresh and happy, you tend to be more creative. Thus, these games will help you to look at things from various perspectives and angles. You can be innovative while overcoming the challenges in the game. These skills can also be carried as real-life tactics, help us in dealing with real-life challenges. There are certain kinds of video games that can be good for our memory and learning.

The games we play are actually an additional language practice that makes students like us engage more in studying. Perhaps, there might be differences in opinions. Some believe that this discussion revolves around the activity given to the student. Perhaps, there are games that require teamwork to complete the given tasks. Whereas, games that are considerate about the proficiency level may vary slightly. By taking factors like time, cultural context, topics into account, teaching style generally leaves a positive impact on the learners.

Above all, the main reason why students are less motivated is that they don’t see the need to learn English.

4. They improve Cognitive Skills

Moreover, once the basics are strong in English, games build the learning bridge. It can improve learners’ ability of reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. The results of the learners who are struggling with learning gaps in their traditional studies. According to a survey, it was noted that for more than 78% of students, games and video games were building a learning bridge.

Meanwhile, when you use your linguistic abilities while playing games and video games, you can utilize all of your 4 skills reading, listening, speaking, and even writing. This would remove fears from your mind. This will encourage your creativity and fluency. These games will also develop your communicative competence. These language games will reinforce learning. Especially, when the games are focused on grammar, the learner can review and extend learning.

One of the biggest advantages of language games is that they can be easily customized according to age, level, and interests. Also, after the initial stage, games do not require any preparation. While playing a game, a person can learn more than just a language. Through discussions and rules, you can learn the instructional language and negotiation skills as well. Playing games like PUBG, COD, etc., allows you to communicate with people across different cultural too! To know more click here.

Games That Can Help You learn English

Today, there are ample English learning games available. We will suggest to you the trending games and apps learn English. Games like Words with Friends, Word Shake, Human Brain Cloud, Spyfall, word on the street, knit wit, letter go, word slam, untold, codenames, bring your own book, banned words, and many more. You can find endless games like these on the play store. Even apps like Duolingo have fun activities in their lessons which include reading, listening, writing, and speaking according to the learner’s comfort. Playing games can also build confidence especially in the games like PUBG, COD, Free Fire, etc. when you can talk and chat with people you connect with. This can be intriguing as you might not be knowing the person you will be teaming up with. Sounds interesting right?

When it comes to learning language games like RPGs (role-playing games) and MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) are excellent to improve your English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills as well. RPGs are frequently based on a fantasy world and involve the use of magic, the killing of monsters, and becoming a hero. These games contain a lot of speech, playing these types of games in English expands your vocabulary. You’ll also be driven towards study as understanding a tale and completing the game requires reading and listening to the dialogue and speech. One should not be over-stress and be concerned about the new vocabulary. Vocabulary will develop up as soon as you start playing. Games like “Legend of Zelda”, “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon Quest” are a few of the most popular RPGs for learning English.

Did you know that you can make English-speaking friends through online video games?

MMORPGs can enhance your experience in video games with an online community of people. “World of Warcraft” is one of the most popular games. To play the game, you will need to create a character and accomplish given missions and objectives. One of the biggest advantage is that you may team up with other players and interact with them. The dialogues used are usually casual, relaxing, and written into a chat window on the screen. This is a brilliant way to practice thinking quickly in English. Other top games are Guild Wars2, EVE Online, Star Wars, Lord of Rings, Tera, etc., are also MMORPG. You can make new connections and enjoy the learning process.

In conclusion, games can be really helpful and fun to play. English learning games are not just about playing words, there is more to it. Above all, English learning games focus on your overall development starting from multitasking to learning new things or relieving stress and anxiety. When it comes to language learning games, these focus on all the language aspects like grammar, listening, writing, and speaking the learning process is advanced. English learning games can boost your English learning process.

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