There is always a common uncertainty, even for proficient writers on using “each” and “every” – they look similar in meaning, however, when placed in a different context and situation, they’re really different.

We all know that, without proper conditions the grammar rules become uncertain. So, it’s mandatory to think about, the meaning in which you want to convey and the respective situation too. The following are the points, which describes the different usages of “each” and “every”.

Tip 1: Each vs. Every (for one thing/ singular)

“Each” is used to denote the members of a group as individuals, on the other hand “every” denotes a group as a series of members.

We generally use them with singular and countable nouns, and are placed before noun. In some cases, they can be interchanged and used with more than two objects.

Example 1: (Singular objects)

— Each classroom has a leader.

— Every classroom has a leader.

Example 2: (Interchangeable)

— He drew each picture using chalk.

— He drew every picture using chalk.

Tip 2: Each vs. Every (for two things)

The word ‘Each’ is generally used with plural nouns and pronouns, but should be followed by ‘of’. On the other hand, the word ‘Every’ cannot be used with plural nouns.


Correct: –

— Each of us wrote a complaint letter

— In cricket match, each team has 11 players along with substitutes.

Incorrect: –

— Every children received a book.

Tip 3: ‘Every’ is used, when denoting a time period or in a state where time is expressed.
For example: minutes, morning, days, etc.


— Every morning, I go for walk.

— I read newspaper every day.

— Every 2 hours, I’ll consume 250ml of water.

‘Each’ can also be used here, however in a less common way.


— Each Wednesday, he goes for swimming class.

Tip 4: It can be used together

It is common to see “each and every” used alongside one another to emphasize a point or fact.

Example: –

— Each and every student is special. — Each and every lavatory room should be sanitized regularly

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