Why Should We Learn English?

Why should we learn English?

English is the most widely spoken language across the globe. When we learn English we want to improve English speaking, English grammar, improve vocabulary, etc. However, we must know What is the importance of English? Why should we learn English? We’ve got you covered on this by listing 5 reasons you should start learning English […]


Tips to perfect English pronunciation

Has someone ever asked you to repeat yourself because they couldn’t understand you? This means that they couldn’t understand you properly. It is also important to be able to speak as naturally as possible. This will help people to understand you in an easy way. The whole new world will open to you when your […]

Each and Every – What’s the difference and usage?

Each and Every

There is always a common uncertainty, even for proficient writers on using “each” and “every” – they look similar in meaning, however, when placed in a different context and situation, they’re really different.